Using the restroom can be a bit more difficult after hip or knee surgery.  Or maybe standing up can feel difficult or unsafe.  There are a variety of products to help raise the height of your existing toilet or to simply give you something to hold on to while you stand up.  Raised toilet seats that attach to your existing toilet are superb additions with no tools required.   

Nothing beats a bath or a shower.  But it can also create a slippery situation, literally.  The shower and tub create a wet, smooth surface which can be dangerous for people who have some mobility limitations. But there are products that can be added to the shower or tub to avoid dangerous slip and falls.    

Shower benches can be added to a shower to allow sitting during bathing.  Transfer benches can allow someone to avoid stepping over the tub rail to get into a tub safely.

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Additional safety features can be added to help create a safe bathing experience.  Grab bars can be installed to give someone something to hold on to.  If installing grab bars is not ideal, there are some non-install options, such as suction bars, which will attach to any flat surface.  Or a tub rail grab bar, which clamps safely to the edge of a tub.

Hand held shower heads, no slip stickers, or bath mats are must haves for your bathing experience.  Long sponge handles are also a good and inexpensive addition.

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