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Foot surgery?  Maybe just a sprained ankle?  Well, the knee scooter is just the thing to keep weight off that foot.  Get around faster and avoid painful arm crutches.  Available for weekly and monthly rentals, today.

In the case of someone having difficulty walking, there are several common products to help them get around.  The standard wheelchair has proven itself to one of the easiest ways to get around if mobility is limited.  Transport chairs are also a great alternative if weight and travel space are an issue.  Give us a call to see which is right for you.  Available for weekly and monthly rentals, today.

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If mobility is limited or someone simply needs help with balance, then a walker may be the perfect solution.  The most common styles are folding with front wheels, or four-wheeled walkers that have a convenient seat for resting, known as a rollator.  Give us a call to see which one is right for you.  Available for monthly rentals, today.

There are many types of mobility equipment for people with different needs.  But all types of equipment have the same goal, to make a life for the user easier and safer.  Products from single and four-point canes, to powered mobility products.  All of it is here to help individuals retain their independence and freedom in a safe manner.  

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